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Fees Explantion

There are no hidden costs or financial surprises.  All finanacial expectations are stated here.


Tuition Fee: This first payment is due upon acceptance of the offer during the tryout period.  The 2nd payment is Due December 1st.  These two quick payments are part of the 5 equal payment fee schedule in the table below.  There can be an option for a 6 payment fee schedule to spread it out over another month.  Arrangements for a 6 payment schedule can be made with the director after an offer is made and accepted. Full payment can be made at anytime.

Uniform Fee:  This will be payed directly to the vendor.  Each athlete will have their own portal where they will order the required uniform items.  All items will ship directly to your home.  This need to be ordered immediately after the parent meeting in early November in order to receive items in time to compete. The 12-2 and 13-2 will receive  two long sleeve sublimated jerseys and one short sleeve Adidas jersey.  All other teams will receive 4 jerseys: two long sleeve sublimated jerseys, one short sleeve adidas jersey, and one sleeveless jersey.  All teams will also receive: hoodie, sweat pants, 3 practice dri-fit t-shirts, 2 pairs of spandex, and a back pack.

Tournament Fees: Cost of tournament fees, coaches stipend, admin fees.

Small group position training: Small group position training will be provided on a regular basis and is included in the tuition package for all teams.  We have dedicated instructors for setting, attacking/blocking and libero/defensive specialist training.

HUDL Assist:  If this is included in your athletes package your athlete will receive their own HUDL account to use for recruiting and personal as well as team review of all tournaments.

Nationals Fee:  This fee is included in the 14-17 National team tuition. This only applies to the National level teams but is not included in the 12-1, 13-1 or 18-1 National tuition. If these teams win a bid, an additional $550 will be required around the April/May time frame. This covers the extra court and practice time, coaches stipend and coaches travel expenses. Please see the chart below for further clarification.


The tuition of each team includes promised practice time.  The National teams are promised three practices a week.  The Regional teams are promised two practices a week. The National teams practice times and amounts may change in June  to two practice a week as we share court time with other AVC leagues that begin in June.  Also our Beach league is in full swing and it allows our indoor players to do both. If there is more time court available and the coaches are also available then we grant more practice time.

American Club Fees

Team Price Tournaments Uniform Fee

HUDL Assist


National's Fee Included Five Equal Payments
12-2, Regionals 13-2 Regional $2300 3-4 Single Days, 2-3 Multi-Day $380 No No $460

14-2,15-2,16-2 Regional

$2900 3-4 Single Day, 3-4 Multi-Day  $410 Yes No $580

12-1 National

$2900 2-3 Single Days, 3-5 Multi-Day $410 No No $580
13-1 National $3150 2-3 Single Days, 4-6 multi-Day $410 No No $630
14-1,15-1,16-1,17-1 National $4050 2-3 Single Day, 5-7 Multi-Day $410 Yes Yes $810
18-1 National $3000 2-3 Single Day, 3-5 Multi-Day $410 Yes No $600
Practice Player $1000 No $72 practice shirts No No $500 at offer acceptance, $250 on 1 Dec, $250 on 1 Jan




Indoor Practice Only

Each season we offer a practice only player option to a limited number of players for the indoor season.  This program is available by coaches or the club director's invitation to join the club team practices and is limited to two players per team. Includes the same basic practice hours as the club players each month for the season Dec - April. Includes: Coaching for the indoor practices and Practice T-Shirts.

Total Price is $1000 - $500 at offer acceptance, $250 on 1 Dec, $250 on 1 Jan

Payments can be made by

  • Online via SportsEngine